• Important Things to Know

    Welcome to First Grade!

    Miss Pryor’s Class

    Hello! I am so excited to begin the school year with you! Below you will find IMPORTANT RULES AND PROCEDURES regarding our classroom. Please read this carefully.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Listening Bodies
      1. I will listen and follow directions.
    2. Raised Hands
      1. I will raise my hand to share ideas.
    3. Quiet Mouths
      1. I will use a soft voice
    4. Walking Feet
      1. I will walk and not run.
    5. Helping Hands
      1. I will use my hands for helping and not hurting.
    6. Caring Hearts
      1. I will use kind words and respect others.


    Along with our classroom rules, all students are expected to follow the rules and procedures of Knapp Elementary School. Water bottles are permitted in the classroom. Students aren't able to get drinks from the water fountain. They will need to bring reusable water bottles. Lastly, if there is a change in after-school transportation, please notify myself or the office. 


    Students will have 3 folders that will travel between home and school. Please help me make sure that these folders return to school on time. Below are the folder descriptions

    1. HOMEWORK FOLDER: This is a Red folder that contains homework assignments. Students will receive homework on Monday and it will not be turned in until Friday.
    2. TUESDAY FOLDER: This is a Black folder. It contains important information about events in our school, MCAS, and the community. It will also contain graded work. This folder will go home every Tuesday and will need to be signed and returned the following day please.
    3. HOME FOLDER: This folder will contain students' work from the day as well as, our weekly newsletter. Please make sure that it comes back to school everyday.



    Homework completion will be recorded. Students are given a week to complete their homework. Homework is given on Monday and will need to be turned in on Friday.  If your child finishes their homework early, they will still have to keep it until Friday. If your child is absent at the beginning of the week, they will have a week, from the day they return, to turn in their homework (i.e. A child is absent Monday and Tuesday, their homework will be due the following Tuesday). 



    We will use ClassDojo as a way to support positive behavior choices.  This system helps students focus on making good decisions and being rewarded for them. Below are different methods that will be used if students find it difficult to follow the rules:

    Here are the steps that will be taken when dealing with a misbehavior:

    • Conference with student 
    • Time out/Calm down/Regroup time
    • Buddy Room 
    • Parent Contact 
    • Limited EAP Placement (30 minutes or less/timeout form)



    Good behavior should be encouraged, acknowledged, and rewarded. As stated above, we will be using ClassDojo this year. Once students receive 30 Dojo points, they will be able to select a prize from the treasure chest on Friday.



    Please contact me through phone, email, written note, or ClassDojo.

    Phone: (219) 873- 2096

    Email: kpryor02@mcas.k12.in.us