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    Dear Parents-

    Welcome to 3nd Grade!  I am anticipating a fabulously productive and exciting school year ahead!  I would like to share some information regarding our policies and procedures that we will be following this school year.  


    Classroom Rules/Management

    I try to create a positive atmosphere in my classroom where students are made to feel that they have endless possibilities to be the best that they can be if they make the right choices.   Our classroom rules are as follows:


    1. Follow directions quickly.
    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
    4. Make smart choices.
    5. Be respectful.


    Class Dojo

    I use Class Dojo in my classroom for behavior management and to communicate with parents.  Students will be awarded points for following class rules, and they may lose points for misbehavior.  You can message me on this site with any concerns or questions. I often use this to contact you if need be.  I will be sending home directions on how to get on this site along with your child’s specific code in the next few days.  You can use a phone, tablet or computer to access this. Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Homework Policy     PRACTICE = GROWTH

    Students will NOT be given a homework grade. They WILL be given bonus points and earn “perks” for practicing. Students will be given 10 math problems each Monday - Thursday.  Often, there is time to complete these problems prior to leaving for the day. Once I get to know the children a bit better we will also begin a weekly book exchange, encouraging reading 20 minutes daily and book completion. We will also be practicing this in class.  


    My hope is to create the DESIRE to improve through practice instead of giving them a “chore” or “work”.

    Green Take Home Folders

    This folder will come home Monday-Thursday.  In this folder, there will be the homework for the day. letters that need to be sent home, as well as graded work. All papers are to remain at home besides homework that needs to be turned in daily. 

    Treats For The Class

    We welcome any treats that you would like to send in for the class for a special occasion or birthday.  If you are sending a treat, please be sure that it is individually wrapped, store bought, and HEALTHY. (This is a state law.)  If you are sending something in, please be sure that you send all of the appropriate items with the treat.  (For example, if you send in a gallon of juice, please send cups.) Also, if there are leftovers (for wrapped items such as fruit snacks, etc.) please indicate if you would like them sent home or if you would like to donate them to our class treat bucket.  We currently have 26 students in our class.  

    Special Needs

    If your child has any special needs (medication, medical issues, restroom issues, etc.) please be sure that I am made aware of them so I can address them as needed.  

    Water Bottles

    I allow students to bring water bottles to use during class time. These are to be plastic bottles.  Only plain water may be in them.  Students are allowed to keep these bottles at their seats as long as they can use them responsibly. 

    I see the home-school connection as being an extremely important one.  We are a team! We have the same goal in mind: making your child as successful as possible.  We cannot accomplish this goal without working together. I truly look forward to working with you and your child this school year.

    Special Classes

    Here is the schedule of our special classes for the week:

     Tuesday: Library 10:00-10:40 


    Wednesday: Art 10:00-10:30 


    Thursday: Music 10:00-11:00


    Friday: 10:00-11:00

    **Our lunch time is 12:00-12:30.




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