E-Learning Day




    Geometry E-Learning 02/16/2021

    • 6-1 Properties and Attributes of Polygons

      Objective:  I can classify triangles based on their sides and angles.  I can find and use the measures of interior and exterior angles of polygons.

      Lesson Description:  Students will watch the section 6-1 video and complete the note page.  Then they will complete the assignment.  

      Steps of the Lesson:

      Click on the following link to go to our blackboard classroom and complete today's lesson.     Blackboard Classroom.     Click on "Content" in the navigation links on the left side.  Then click on "Chapter 6."  Once in chapter 6, click on "Section 6-1."

      1.  Click on "Lesson 6-1 Materials" to review the lesson video and take notes over 6-1 Properties and Attributes of Polygons.  

      3.  Click on the "Section 6-1 Assignment" in the table of contents.  Once in the assignment, click on the link to the assignment page labeled "6.1bPropertiesAndAttributesOfPolygonsAssignment.pdf" to view the assignment page.  Get some lined paper on which you will complete the 6.1 Properties and Attributes of Polygons Assignment (p. 386 #2-26).  Be sure to show all your work.

      4.  Upload the completed 6.1 Properties and Attributes of Polygons (p. 386 #2-26) into Blackboard by 2:30 PM on Thursday to be counted as present.

      Work to be done:  6.1 Properties and Attributes of Polygons Assignment (p. 386 #2-26)

      Email me at kschroeder02@mcas.k12.in.us  or Ms. Hartog at ahartog@mcas.k12.in.us with any questions.