E-Learning Day - January 30, 2010

E-Learning February 16, 2021


    In our EL work this week, we are working on drafting an argumentative essay. One of the things we do to prepare for the essay is to analyze examples of argumentative writing. Today, you are going to Common Lit - which you access through Clever. You will log in and read the article and answer the quiz questions. 

    Today's learning target: I can analyze the elements of argumentative writing in a sample essay and answer questions about the article. 

    Today's work: 

    1. Read the article on Common Lit "Why I Refuse to Say I 'Fight' My Disability," and answer the quiz questions. You access Common Lit through Clever. Once you access Common Lit, you will be able to go to the assignnment, read the article, and answer the quiz questions. 

    2. Work on iReady. If you have not finished the diagnostic, be sure to finish the diagnostic first. If you are finished, work on a pathway lesson.