• Technology Issues?  

    Are you having Chromebooks issues? 

    Is your computer's camera, microphone, or screen not working properly? 

    Have you misplaced your charger?

    Did your device get knocked on the floor and now won't even turn on?

    Computer issue

    Call MCAS Tech Support

    Stephanie Smith 873-2030 ext. 7510

    Your computer must be in working order to receive instruction, communicate in class, and complete classwork.  These devices are school issued to each student and the main mode of learning.  If you are having a computer issue with missing, broken, or glitching technology you must contact MCAS Tech Support.  They will help you trouble shoot the problem and possibly set up a time to drop your broken technology off while you use a loaner device. 

    From the time you know you have an issue, communicate with the teachers.  We allow 2 grace days while you await your computer to be fixed but after that, we expect our students to have their computers working properly.  Our technology department works very fast to accomodate families.