E Learning Day

E Learning Day 11-16-20


    E-Learning 11-16-20

    • U.S History

      I can... Understand the The Second Industrial Revolution and the People who worked to make it competitive including John D.Rockefeller and the creation of Monopolies. .


      Lesson Description:  Work on the Chapter 14 Quizlet and complete KTAP 14.1.2. USH State Standards 1.9

      History of Sports

      I can......Understand how to properly Swing a Golf Club in Driving the Ball the farthest possible.

      I can Understand how Remember the Titans helped Society understand that Racial Tensions can be helped with listening to each other and not judging.

      Lesson Description: Watch Golf Video and Complete Remember the Titans Quiz.






      Steps of the Lessons:

      1.. Go to Google Classroom

      2. Go to Assignment

      3.  Completion of Assignments

      4. Work to be turned in: As follows on Google Classroom.

      Any questions please email. mmegyese@mcas.k12.in.us