Elearning Day

  • Wednesday 10/14/20 is an ELearning Day. You will find all assignments located on your homeroom teacher's pages.



    If you see Ms. Aiken for Reading or Math, your skills assignments will be posted  in Ms. Salgado's or Mrs. Landing's Seesaw Classroom.

    Ms. Salgado Seesaw Classroom Ms. Salgado Seesaw

    Mrs. Landing Seesaw Classroom Mrs. Landing Seesaw


    2nd Grade:

    If you see Ms. Aiken for Reading or Math, your skills assignments will be posted in Ms. Aiken's Seesaw Classrooms.

    Reading Ms. Aiken Ms. Aiken Reading

    I can... ask and answer questions about a story I have read.

    I can..read Bossy r (vowel r-controlled words.

    I can.. read high-frequency words and words that "don't play fair."

    Things to complete for today--All activities are in Seesaw Reading.

    1.) Complete any reading activities in Reading Seesaw that you haven't completed. 

    2.) Log in to i-Ready Reading and complete 25 minutes of i-ready lessons. 


    Math Ms. Aiken Ms. Aiken Math

    I can...solve real world problems using addition and subtraction. 

    Things to complete for Math today.

    1.) Log in to i-Ready Math and complete 25 minutes of lessons.

    2.) Click on XtraMath and complete math fluency practice for today. Do this on your homeroom class.


    3rd Grade:


    You will find all reading assignments  posted in Mrs. Knouse's Google Classroom.  Mrs. Knouse Google Classroom   You may use the Snap & Read Tool to help you read directions or forms.

    1. October 14 Fire Safety Comprehension

    This is posted in Mrs. Knouse's Google Classroom .  You will read the non fiction article and answer the questions using details from the text.

    2.  October 14 Adjectives.  Watch the short video to review adjectives then complete each sentence with a word that describes each noun.

    3. October 14 Independent Reading Review

    This is posted in Mrs. Knouse's Google Classroom . Read a book from Epic Books and complete the form to tell about what you read.



    You will find all math assignments posted in Mrs. Macke's Google Classroom     Mrs. Macke's Google Classroom .You may use the multiplication chart provided to help with your multiplication facts. Multiplication Chart

    1.  October 14  Math Skills 1 & 2

     This is posted in Mrs. Macke's Google Classroom 

    There is a short video to review place value and rounding numbers.  Next, you will do the two math assignments to review your math skills.


    When finished, go to IReady Reading and Math on the MCAS Learning Page and do your practice lessons for 15 minutes in each subject.