E-Learning Monday 5/3

  • If you have any questions about assignments, you can ask on the Google Classroom stream or email me at hdaikhi01@mcas.k12.in.us and I will get back to you. 

    Reminder: Be sure to check Mr. Edinger's page for your Math assignment! It is Monday, so you will also have a Music assignment from Mr. Liwosz if you are in my homeroom. 


    Steps of the Lesson: 

    1. Follow instructions in Google Classroom for your reading and writing assignments. You have a Google Form to work on today. Work for the module lesson and ALL Block are on the same form today, so be sure to complete it! 

    2. Log into IReady and complete your 30 minutes of time on task for reading. Be sure your scores are 80% or higher!

    Work to be turned in: You will need to log into Google Classroom and complete the assignments for reading and writing. You will work on an American Revolution passage as well as a writing response for ALL Block. Finally, make sure you complete 30 minutes of time on task for IReady Reading. Check Mr. E's page for your math assignments and Mr. Liwosz's for music if you are in my homeroom!