• Face Mask Illustration
    Mask/Face Covering Policy 

    (From the MCAS 2020 Reopening Plan)

    All staff, students, and visitors will be required to wear a mask/face covering at all times.

    ○ Mask breaks will be scheduled for students throughout the day when physical distancing of 6 feet or greater is possible.

    ○ MCAS will supply one cloth mask to each student and staff member, however, families should plan ahead to ensure students have additional face masks available so that a clean mask is worn each day. Cloth face coverings should be laundered each day.

    ○ Some students and staff may have medical conditions that limit their ability to wear a face covering. MCAS will work with these individuals to create an accommodation or modification that meets the needs of their disability and the safety of the school environment. Medical documentation of such conditions will be required.

    ○ Plastic face shields may be worn for extra protection and in special situations, however, they are not generally to be used as alternatives to face masks. Per CDC guidance their effectiveness without an additional face covering is unknown. 


    Mask "breaks" will be held at the discretion of the teacher. Students will be expected to face forward, be seated, and not talking when mask breaks occur. 

    Mask/face covering designs that show an individual’s personality are welcome and encouraged. However, we must make sure face coverings do not become offensive or a distraction to the learning process. As a result, the following face-covering requirements will be in effect at all schools.

    Face Coverings: 
    • Must securely cover the nose and mouth 
    • May be cloth or disposable 
    • Must not contain any messaging (school logo, professional sports logos, etc. are acceptable) 
    • Must not distract the learning environment 
    • Must not contain references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping, gangs, weapons, foul language/patterns or symbols.

    The building principal will make the final decision as to the appropriateness of a face covering. 

    Students should place their initials somewhere inside their face covering. 

    Refusal to Wear a Face Covering: Students refusing to wear a face covering (when required) will be reminded of the expectation and expected to comply with the request. Continued refusal to comply with face covering requirements will result in disciplinary measures. Students/families that are unwilling to wear a face covering should opt into the MCAS Online or Virtual Academy learning model.

    Mask Up, Wolves! (MCAS Poster/Flyer)

    From the School Nurse - Mask Up 101