Spanish 1 e-learning 9.21

  • When we have an e-learning day, all assignments will also be posted on our google classroom page.

    Buenos día todos. Hoy, el día 21 de septiembre es día de e-learning.

    Today we are going to pretend that we are in class, and you will do the tasks I am assigning you to fill our class time. Follow the order I've laid out for you here.
    It is HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH from September 15-October 15. Watch the video in the 1st link to find out more about what it is.

    2) Quizlet flashcards on Hispanic Heritage month are posted in the stream below. Please do the "learn" section for about 15 minutes, take a screenshot of your results and submit them on the assignment posted in classwork

    3) There is a 2nd assignment posted in classwork. This one is an EdPuzzle, also on Hispanic Heritage Month.

    After doing today's assignments, I will:

    1. have a better understanding of Hispanic culture, 

    2. be able to recognize some terms related to Hispanic culture in Spanish.