Constitution Hall Philidelphia

E Learning for September 21, 2020

  • All E Learning assignments are posted to the Period 1 Government, Period 5 Government, and Period 7 Geography Google Classroom Pages.  

    Please note... There are multiple assignments to complete, but they should not take more than the 80 minutes of class time that we usually have together.

    If you have any questions Mrs. Kessler will be available several times throughout the day for emails/chats/zoom meetings to help.

    Learning Objectives for Government

    I will be able to...
    -demonstrate knowledge of learning objectives covered in Chapter 2 on a summative assessment.
    -explain the structure, function, and powers of the US government as established in the Constitution.
    -describe the constitutional amendment process
    -understand the intentions of the Preamble of the Constitution.

    Learning Objectives for Geography

    I will be able to...

    -demonstrate knowledge of key events in American History.

    - identify the regions of the United States

    - describe the economies or major industries of the different regions

    - explain how the geography of the south is changing

    - explore how environmental conditions have influenced the history of the south.