• Frequently Asked Questions
    Updated 10/12/20

    What is the first day of school? 

    August 24, 2020 (Please note this has been changed from August 12 to allow MCAS time for staff training, device distribution, and other logistics.) 

    When will in-person classes resume?

    October 19, 2020 (immediately following Fall Break). 

    How do I select which option I want for my child (in-person vs online)?
    UPDATED 10/9/20

    Families were asked to confirm their selection for in-person (Traditional) or online (MCAS Online) on Parent Access by September 27. 

    If you did not complete the form, please call your school.

    How do I sign up for bus transportation?
    UPDATED 10/9/20

    Families were asked to confirm their selection for Transportation on Parent Access by September 27. 

    If you did not complete the form, please call Transportation at (219) 873-2127.

    Will MCAS Online be like eLearning was last spring?
    UPDATED 8/14/20

    No. It will be different. Instruction will be a combination of “live” and recorded lessons connecting students with teachers and their classmates. There will also be scheduled time away from computer activities, for students to complete assignments offline. Click HERE for more details.

    Will my child have the same teacher after Fall Break?
    NEW 9/17/20

    While we will make every effort to keep students with their current classroom teachers, this may not be possible. This will be based on enrollment numbers for each learning option; some teachers will be assigned exclusively to in-person instruction, others to online only. 

    Will my MCAS Online student have to be online for 5-6 hours straight?

    No. A typical school day will involve live instruction from a teacher (or teachers), class discussion, working in small groups, etc. But there will also be times when students work independently. It will not be simply 6 hours watching a teacher onscreen. Note: This WILL take place during school hours - students must participate in instruction during the regular school hours

    Will attendance be taken for MCAS Online?

    Yes. Attendance will be recorded in each class, every day.

    Will there be extracurricular activities?

    Extracurriculars during this period will mainly occur online, however high school athletics will proceed as planned, based on guidance from the IHSAA and our “Return to Play” plan.

    Will there be school meals for students who are continuing with online learning?
    UPDATED 10/9/20

    School breakfast and lunch will be available for all MCAS students who are taking part in online learning. Students attending in-person will receive meals at school. CLICK HERE for details!

    Will classes currently in person at MCHS and A.K. Smith follow the same schedule?
    UPDATED 9/17/20

    Some of our career-tech classes (including all classes at A. K. Smith and some at MCHS) require that students complete hands-on experiences in order to obtain technical certifications. Students enrolled in those classes will continue to attend on a hybrid schedule through MCAS fall break. On October 19, schedules for those classes will change. Details will be provided.

    I have to work but would like to continue with MCAS Online - is there a program to support my child?
    UPDATED 10/12/20

    You will need to enroll your student in the Traditional, in-person school setting or make arrangements for childcare so that your child can participate in MCAS Online. The Supervised Learning Centers will not be in operation.

    Will there be Before and After School Care for students attending in-person?
    NEW 9/28/20

    Yes. Safe Harbor will be offering before and after-school care, although numbers served may be decreased. To register, visit www.educatemc.net/safeharbor

    Boys & Girls Club will also continue after-school programming at its Pine/Springfield/Westcott locations. For information visit https://www.bgclpc.org/

    If the Learning Option we select for our student isn’t working out, can we switch to a different option?
    NEW 9/25/20

    You will have one week (5 school days) to switch to a different option (Traditional/in-person or MCAS Online). After that time, we ask that you stay in the learning option you selected until the end of the trimester (elementary) or semester (secondary). At that time, if you would like to switch please contact your school to let them know.

    Are there any changes to the attendance policy this year due to COVID?
    NEW 9/25/20

    A MCAS student absent from school due to COVID-19 symptoms will be recorded as an “illness/medical quarantine" absence. If a student is not ill but circumstances require the student to quarantine, the student’s attendance will be recorded as “quarantine" absence. An absence due to quarantining will be considered an “excused” absence from school. 

    If a child in the Traditional option is at home due to COVID symptoms or quarantine, will they be able to make up work?
    NEW 9/25/20

    Yes, if a child is home due to quarantine or symptoms, work will be provided by the teacher/s. If it's an extended situation you would also have the option to transfer into the MCAS Online program for the remainder of the grading period.

    Do I need to get my child immunized this year?
    UPDATED 9/25/20

    YES! Please contact your healthcare provider to ensure your child has the needed immunizations, including a lead test for kindergartners. Students lacking required immunizations will not be permitted to return for in-person instruction on October 19. (Note: We also highly recommend a flu shot for all students; during flu season it could become challenging to differentiate flu symptoms from COVID ...and we do not want flu spreading either!) 

     Do I need to buy school supplies?
    UPDATED 9/25/20
    Yes. Please plan to have the supplies on your school’s list for your student to use at school. Many schools will be revising their supply lists, and that will be communicated with families.

    My child has special needs. Will you still provide support?

    Services and accommodations will be provided to all students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), or 504 plans. This includes occupational therapy, speech, physical therapy, language learning, etc. The delivery of these services will vary depending on the students program. Parents will be contacted directly by their child’s Teacher of Record (TOR) if their program changes on Oct 19 to determine individual plans. Case conferences will be held in a virtual format. 

    Is the MCAS Reopening 2020 Plan still in effect?
    UPDATED 9/17/20

    Yes. When we return for in-person instruction on October 19, students enrolled in the Traditional option will be at school with all of the precautions specified in the plan in place. Please note that this plan was modified on September 29, to reflect new metrics for COVID spread recently released by the State of Indiana.

    Will the Michigan City Virtual Academy program still be offered?
    UPDATED 9/17/20

    Yes. Students in the MC Virtual Academy program have the option to remain in the program or to return for in-person instruction on October 19. (Note: The MCVA is currently at capacity for grades K-6.) Please CLICK HERE for more information. 

    What if I don’t have access to the internet
    UPDATED 8/14/20

    * Comcast Internet Essentials offers a program for $9.95/month internet access (plus 60 days free) for those who are eligible

    * AT&T Access offers a program for $10/month for those who are eligible

    * All MCAS building parking lots have wifi for those who may need to “drive up and download” assignments. 

    * Consider accessing the internet through friends or family members with Internet access.

    * A limited number of "MyFi" devices are available through MCAS. APPLY HERE if you need Internet Assistance.

    What is the dress code that is replacing Dress for Success?
    NEW 8/13/20

    The Dress for Success dress code has been suspended for the 2020-21 school year. CLICK HERE to read about the current dress code.

    Why are is there still  an eLearning Day on 10/14?

    UPDATED 10/9/20

    Wednesday, October 14 will be an eLearning Day for all MCAS students. This day will be used for online parent conference meetings. Please note that this differs from the current online learning that is taking place. There will be no live class sessions; instead, students will be required to sign in to complete assignments and watch pre-recorded lessons. 

    Supervised Learning Centers (Safe Harbor & Boys and Girls Club) will still be operating.

    Please contact your school for information about Parent Conferences.

    Are start and end times different for MCAS Online and Traditional students?
    NEW 10/9/20

    No. Beginning October 19, all students will follow the regular school day start and end times. CLICK HERE to view the start and end times.

    What if I have a question that is not answered here?

    Email communications@mcas.k12.in.us