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Welcome to Second Grade!

  • For the beginning of the school year, all of our learning will be virtual. Please follow these directions for a successful virtual learning experience:


    1. Students should go to the MCAS website, choose the Learning Place tab, and log into Clever using their name and password. Then, they should choose the Seesaw app.

    Helpful Link: Link to Clever here

    2. Once logged on the Seesaw app make sure they are in Korpak 2021 and there will be a Bitmoji classroom with our Zoom link right next to the Zoom icon. Our link will always be the same.

    3. Students will log on to Seesaw everyday. Seesaw is where assignments are posted, the daily schedule is posted, and where the students will be able to access the Zoom link in order to attend our daily live virtual lessons.

    Tip #1:  Students will also use Clever to log into iReady to complete their Reading and Math learning paths.

    Tip #2: Please use the device given to you from MCAS. Make sure everything is charged up and ready to go.

    Tip #3: Please be patient and flexible. This is new for everybody so everything may not be perfect and that's ok!