Virtual Learning and E-Learning Assignments

  • This year during virtual learning music will meet via ZOOM for an hour one time each week.

    Our music program for K-6th grades use a program called Quaver.  I have made each student an account on that site. On this the Quaver site will be the students assignments, grade book to track their gradees and completed assignments, messenger to the teacher and track their attendance and time on site (which is only seen by the teacher.) 

    In order to enter the Quaver site the student will need to click on the Quaver log in link below and put in their Quave Name (which is their proper first name and last name with no space between the two names).  Some students will have a variation since their first and last name were already use in the Quaver system.  Then their password. Kindergaten will use ABC, 1st Grade will use MARSH1, 2nd Grade will use MARSH2. and grades 3-6 will use their student ID number.  If you have any issues you can contact me through my e-mail listed below.

    Quaver Log In LinkQuaver Log In Link

    My e-mail -

    I look forward to seeing all the Marsh studnets over Zoom and have a fun learning experience in music.


    Mr Liwosz

    Marsh Elementary

    Music Specialist