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    Hello Families and Welcome Back! 

    My name is Renee Hall, your Lake Hills School Counselor!

    I  am here to support your student, their teachers, and YOU as we navigate through a different type of school year.  Nevertheless, it is going to be a GREAT year!


    Here are a few things that I do as a School Counselor:


    • Work with students individually and in groups on decision-making skills, effective communication, coping strategies, anger management, understanding feelings, and character education
    • Visit classrooms every week to teach Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons
    • Provide developmental college and career awareness activities for students
    • Collaborate with teachers and parents to help remove any barriers to learning or academic success
    • Provide helpful tips and updated information for families on my school website 


    This year, all elementary schools will be utilizing two research-based social emotional learning (SEL) curricula with all students, K-6.  School counselors will be teaching these lessons weekly for 30 minutes. Second Step will be taught in Grades K-5.  It teaches students about the skills they need for learning, empathy, emotion management, and problem solving.  Botvin Life Skills Training will be taught in Grade 6.  It focuses on such topics as self-esteem, decision-making, dealing with stress, communication skills, and social skills. Teachers will follow-up with frequent discussions in their classrooms to address the skills taught during SEL time.

    My day will start and end at the same time as classroom teachers: 

    8:45 am - 3:00pm


    You may reach me in one of three ways:

    Email (the preferred method): rhall@mcas.k12.in.us

    School phone: (219) 873 - 2105 ext. 6608

    Cell phone or text message: (219) 237 - 0864 


    Below is my current schedule.  

    It will be posted on my school website by next week.

    I am visiting ALL classrooms, and the open times will be filled with working with students individually or in small groups, or meetings with teachers and parents.














    6th - Will


    9:20 -9:50

    6th - Forker

    6th - Munoz






    BSPam - Aaron


    5th - Saeed



    5th - Charpentier


    Lunch 🥝

    Lunch 🍒

    Lunch 🍌

    Lunch 🍊

    Lunch 🍇


    3rd - Harmon


    5th - Milligan


    1st - Ricketts


    1st - Roths

    BSP - Lakin

    4th - Paull


    2nd - Rogers

    Kdg - Wagner

    1st - Sleaford

    BSPpm - Aaron

    4th - DeLeo


    2nd - Biestek

    Kdg - Gertner

    3rd - LoGreco

    BSP - All Gr. 6th

    4th - Law


    2nd - Tarpo

    Kdg - Bruhler

    3rd - Shimala


    During the first two weeks of school, I will be visiting classrooms to do some team-building and sharing activities, and to see how the students are coping.  The SEL lessons are scheduled to start during the third week of school.

    This can be a stressful and anxious time for anyone.  Our teachers and staff will do everything we can to make your child’s virtual school experience a positive and rewarding one.  If, however, you feel your child may need extra support, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  Your child’s well-being, safety, and academic success continue to be our priorities!