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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule
  • This is the weekly schedule for Coolspring 4th grades. Students wil be required to login to our class Zoom meeting daily at 8:45 am. We will begin each day with our Morning Crew. This is a time for us to have a morning class meeting, go over our day, and build relationships. After Crew, our class will then trasition to EL. This is our new reading and writing program. Following this, students will go to a Zoom meeting with one of their Related Arts teachers (music, gym, art, SEL) or work on their iReady minutes, depending on the day of the week. The students will come back after a brief break to begin our Math lesson. From 11:30-12:10, we wil take a break for lunch. All students at Coolspring will have lunch at this time. Students will return at 12:10 to finish our math lesson and have work time to complete a math assignment. At 12:55, we will start our ALL Block. This is a time for students to work on their reading and writing skills. They will be placed into small groups during this time. We will end each day with Flex Time. On Mondays we will go over the weekly assignment for Science, Social Studies, and iReady. The remainder of the Flex time for the week will be time to work on these assignments, ask questions, and work in small groups. 


Tips for a Successful Year in 4th Grade

  • -Find a designated space in the home to complete school work. If finding a dedicated desk space isn’t possible, consider making a mobile supply station that can be easily moved in and out of a communal space (like the kitchen). Some children may find headphones to be helpful. We will discuss what to do when it gets noisy at home or when we need to move to a different space. Your child is going to need an area to concentrate for several hours a day, please make it their special workspace. Please be respectful of your child’s learning by supporting a quiet environment free from distractions such as loud television noise, music, talking, etc.

    -Be prepared. Every child has been given the supplies they will need for virtual learning. Have this nearby during class time.

    -Log on to Zoom class on time. Remember, we can see on GoGuardian how you’re using your Chromebook!

    -Attend every day school is in session. Of course we do not expect your child to participate  when seriously ill! Although, just like traditional school, they will have to make up missing work.

    -Bring homework back to virtual school each day. Please monitor your child’s assignments. See that they are completed neatly and turned in on time. All assignments for the week will be due on Saturday. 

    -Read, read, read! A minimum of twenty minutes a night, every night.

    -Get a good night’s sleep. It is hard to concentrate on learning when your body is tired.


    Parents are not expected to be the teacher at home, but rather to serve as a guiding force in their child’s online learning experience. Parents should assist students in being independent learners by supporting their engagement in class activities. If a student is struggling to learn a concept, remember this is part of the learning process. Please encourage your child to ask questions during our learning time to work through these issues. 

Zoom Expectations