How to use Artsonia

  • We will be using Artsonia to upload our artwork to.  If this is your first time using Artsonia, watch this video: How to use Artsonia

    What’s the difference between a class code and a pin?

    The class code gives you assess to the Pine Artsonia page.

    Any time you visit through the web you will have copy this code: ZSYP-FCFH  

     or scan this QR code with your phoneThen Use this link to go to the Artsonia page   

     art code

    If you have a phone, you can download the app here

    Your pin will give you access to your portfolio.  Your portfolio is where you can go to for project videos and where you will always upload a picture of your art too. 

    When you log on, you will create your own pin.  This pin allows me to give you feedback on your work.  You pin needs to be 4 numbers.  I suggest using your birth date an year.  For example, if I were born on July 1, 2009 I could use 01 as my birth date, and 09 as my birth year, making my pin 0109.  If you forget what it is, send me an email and I can look it up.


    Parents:  If you have a parent email on file with the school I asked Artsonia to send you an email about setting up a parent account. Or when your child logs into the program there is an option to link you in.   The best feature that it has is that it lets you set up a fan club for your child's artwork that you can add friends and family to.  I know I love seeing your child's art, it makes my day better and I would love for us to spread some cheer around by sharing art with others.  

    Parents, use this code to access your child's accountParent Artsonia code

    How to take pictures with your device

    To take pictures with your Chrome books watch this video from Mrs. Parry explaining it.  After you have taken a picture, follow the directions on how to upload it using the How to Use Artsonia video listed above.

    Please remember when uploading pictures:

    1. When taking a picture of your work, it might take more than one try to get a clear image.
    2. Use the editing tools to crop out everything but the picture.  This means the background, extra paper, fingers, or even you, if you are in the picture.
    3. Ask for help if something isn't working.