•                                        WELLNESS RULES

                                                                              for: Mr. Parker



    Classes alternate in a two-week cycle. (2 weeks in room 411 for Health class & 2 weeks in the gym for Physical Education).


    1. Students in the classroom need to have paper, pen/pencil. (Chromebook when needed).
    2. Hoods Down & Masks optional
    3. No cell phones are allowed in class or the gym/locker rooms.
    4. Students in Physical Education need to have a Michigan City Area Schools P.E. uniform each day for gym.
    1. No alterations (sleeveless or rips/tearsor graffiti (nicknames,hearts,etc.) will be allowed.
    2. Only solid color socks (no tie-dye,camoflauge,cartoon characters,etc.)
    3. Only tennis/gym shoes with laces or Velcro. (No slides,sandals,flip flops or Crocs).
    4. Masks are optional 
    5. Price of PE Uniform:  Shirts=$7.50  Shorts=$7.50  (Set=$15.00)

    *Payment can be made in the form of cash or a check made out to Barker Middle School and paid to Mrs. Lundy in the office.

    1. Discipline for not having a full uniform:
    • 1st “No Dress” - Verbal Warning
    • 2nd “No Dress” - Parent contact through letter or phone call and letter grade drop.
    • 3rd “No Dress” – Lunch Detention, written assignment and additional letter grade drop.
    • 4th “No Dress” – Exclusion to office remainder of class hour, and additional letter grade drop.
    • 5th “No Dress”-  Exclusion to office, Referral, and additional letter grade drop.
    1. Medical Excuses are the only way to be excused from PE class! The excuse must contain: exact dates to be excused; physical restrictions and specific activities to be excused.


    1. Wellness folder with 2-pockets (1st assignment in classroom only)
    2. Chromebook when needed in classroom-for e-Learning, (it is essential!!)

    *Daily/Weekly assignments will be written on the white board or posted on Google Classroom.

    1. Homework-
    2. a) Same day late = 1/2 letter grade drop
    3. b) Next day late = 1 letter grade drop
    4. c) Two or more class days late = letter grade drop for each consecutive day
    5. Virtual Learning-must be completed within the class block time frame.
    6. e-Learning on Schoology have one week from assignment date to complete.
    7. Textbooks are for classroom use only. Students that check out a book are responsible for returning the book in the same condition it was issued.


    1. All MCAS and Barker Middle School rules will be strictly enforced with appropriate discipline procedures.
    2. No negative comments, “Put Downs” or bullying will be tolerated!!
    3. Listen and respond respectfully and appropriately to the teacher, instructional assistants, guest speakers and peers.



    1. Keep all body parts to yourself unless instructed otherwise.
    2. Keep hands off any of the displays (Pirates of the Caribbean items,cardboard Larry Bird,etc.), Anatomy models/skeleton (Barry dem Bones) or any PE equipment including rock climbing wall, jumping/touching the basketball nets or hanging on the pull-up bars.

    *Loss of Gym activity, a Lunch detention or other discipline will result.

    Spit out

      Gum/candy or food will not be allowed in the classroom or gymnasium.

              1st violation = Warning

              2nd violation = Lunch Detention

              3rd violation = Loss of privileges