• E-Learning - MAY Choice Board (5/1 - 5/13)e-Learning Day

    7th Grade Math

    C. Parsons



    BLOCK 2 (ALL Instructional Videos, Practice Videos & Assignments for the next 3 weeks!)


    This is a MATH CHOICE BOARD. There are 5 rows, however, you only need to complete 2 rows a week. To complete the tasks you MUST FORM at the end of the row! Feel free to complete everything in the chart!

    Video for more explanation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JFN3ctMIsmzlJ0ksycQXOIorgJ3CKs8y/view Please watch the video posted below for help with the NEW May Math Choice Board, but definitely contact me if you need more help!

    Google.Meet: Wednesday, May 13th @ 1:00  


    Additional work to get caught up on:

    • Get caught up on iReady: You should have 30 lessons for the year PASSED BY May 20th! 
    • KHAN Goal: 70% by May 20th! 

    I will be available ANY TIME via e-mail to answer any questions you may have.  

    Please make sure you fill out the form everyday, so you get credit for weekly attendance!