ELearning for 5/4-5/6



    PLEASE remember that in order to receive credit for the week you must complete a Google Form that will be posted on Wednesday in Google Classroom.

    • Reading

    We can analyze the impact of word choice on meaning and tone in literary text.

    You will need your Ready book each day to do your work. Even if you do not have a Ready text, all pages will be posted on Google Classroom.

    Each day you need to go into Google Classroom, watch each daily video for lessons, assignments and announcements.  Each Wednesday you will have a Google Form to fill in from answers you have in your book. This will be part of your Reading grade.

    EXTRA CREDIT- DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU COMPLETE YOUR REGULAR WORK AND PATH. This is extra to help your grade and it doesn't replace your Ready work. I will post an assignment this week if you wish to do it. 

    IReady Path: By the end of eLearning, you should have completed (and passed) 6 lessons on your individual path. I only assigned IReady path in March, so you have had all of April and until May 20th to complete these lessons. I am taking your 3 highest scores as a grade. 

    • Writing

    I posted a Writing assignment this week from No Red Ink on Google Classroom. It will be a writing grade for this week. It is due Friday.