• eLearning Wednesday, May 13, 2020--7th AND 8th Google Meets Day

    I CAN...connect and build positive relationships together

    I CAN...express concerns and ask questions

    I CAN...clarify misunderstandings and share with my fellow students

    I CAN...practice scientific "language" with chemical symbols

    Connections to Indiana Standards:

    • Physical Science 7.PS.1:  Draw, construct models, or use animations to differentiate between atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds.

    • Physical Science 8.PS.1:  Create models to represent the arrangement and charges of subatomic particles in an atom (protons, neutrons, and electrons).  Understand the significance that the currently 118 know chemical elements combine to form all the matter in the universe.
    • Physical Science 8.PS.2: Illustrate with diagrams (drawings) how atoms are arranged in simple molecules.  Distinguish between atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds.
    • Physical Science 8.PS.3:  Use basic information provided for an element (atomic mass, atomic number, symbol, and name) to determine its place on the Periodic Table.  Use this information to find the numer of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom.
    • Physcial Science 8.PS.4:  Identify organizational patterns (radius, atomic number, atomic mass, properties and radioactivity) on the Periodic Table.


    Google Meets Day Agenda 11:30-12:00--Link is Posted on Google Classroom to Join Meeting!!

    Hello!!!!!!.....Smile!...  Here is the Recording of the Meeting:  Science CHallenge Google Meets Day 5/13/20

    1.  PLAY "Element BINGO" using your BINGO card you created practicing the 1st 20 Chemical Symbols from the Periodic Table of the Elements

    blankbingo   example   ** Example**  Make sure to place your Chemical Symbols in DIFFERENT spots on your card!

    2.  CHALLENGE:  Do you know the 1st 20 Chemical Symbols??

    **Use your created Flashcards to practice ahead of time--NO CHEATING!! ** 

     flashcards      chemnames

    3.  Questions, concerns, etc.