Virtual Learning Tuesday May 5, 2020

  • Virtual Learning Tuesday May 5, 2020 

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    Good morning class and happy Cinco de Mayo. In Spanish, that means Fifth of May. I am so happy you are here. Today is a special day for me, it’s my birthday! Celebrate at home with me today and have a piece of cake, or a snack of some kind :) 

    Pack your imaginary bags guys, today we are headed to Peru, Germany, and Kenya!

    Google Meet at 9:30 today- Link will be posted 5 minutes before our Meet time. We are mixing up our meeting times this week to try to see more faces! Please try to join us! See you at 9:30!

    Here is a list of today’s work. Please complete each assignment posted in Google Classroom. “I can” statements for each assignment are listed below.

    ELA- Reading and Writing

    • I can... Select and apply context clues (e.g., word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph clues) and text features to determine the meanings of unknown word.. (5.RV.2.1)

    Today’s ELA Work Checklist (about 60 minutes to complete)

    1. In Google Classroom, select the assignment called Trekking Across the World: Peru. This will open up your very first work as context clues detectives (disguised as tourists of course). Your tour guide through Peru uses some very strange words that are unfamiliar to you. Use your context clues skills to make an inference as to what each of the strange underlined words mean. After you have finished your context clues word, watch the Nat Geo for kids video on Peru. Oh, and don’t forget to add your travel token to your postcard! (22 mins)
    2. In Google Classroom, select the assignment called Trekking Across the World: Germany. As you head to Germany there are so many sites to see. Before you head out, you decide to check out the reviews online. In each of the tourist’s reviews, there are missing words. You must read carefully and use the context clues around the blanks to determine which word correctly goes there. Drag and drop the correct word from the words bank to where it belongs in the review. Be careful detectives, *cough cough* I mean tourists, there are some extra words that do not belong anywhere.  After you have finished deciphering your travel reviews, watch the short video on Germany and add your travel token to your Germany postcard. (22 mins)
    3. In Google Classroom, click on the assignment called Trekking Across the World: Kenya. Welcome to Kenya! Here, you will go on an incredible safari. Your tour guides gives you a brochure about it. You open your pen to take some notes and your pen explodes leaving ink blots everywhere. No biggie right? Wrong! The ink is covering several words. Good thing we are amazing context clues detectives. Read around the ink blots to decide on a word that would make sense there. Then type the word in the blanks on the right hand side of the slide. After you have finished, watch the short video we found on Kenya. Oh, and add your final travel token for today! (22 mins)

    Today’s Math Work Checklist (40 minutes to complete)

    I can…  Represent real-world problems and equations by graphing ordered pairs in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane, and interpret coordinate values of points in the context of the situation.(5.AT.7)

    1. In Google Classroom click on the assignment called Google Form: PPS 329-332. Complete the Google Form and submit. (20 mins) 
    2. In Google Classroom, click on the assignment called Graphing Points: Earthworms. This is a link that will take you to a Battleship type game and will allow you to practice graphing points in a coordinate plane. (20 mins)

    Find Earthworms HERE.


    For Art this week be sure to click HERE