E-Learning 5/4/2020

  • Hello Class. Hope you all are doing fine and feeling healthy through this pandemic and the school shutdown. Can you believe we just have two more weeks of school left? For me I have always enjoyed the last two weeks of school as we finish things up, have some a few fieldtrips, remonisk about the school year we are finishing and just enjoying the last few weeks with my students. This year is totally different.

    This last couple of weeks I want you keep working hard with getting your work turned in. Email me for anything you don't understand or need help with. We can also video chat this week for those who need to. For those who may be a little behind in completeing your work I'll email you today with your missing assignments.

    Please join our class meet at 10:45 on Tuesday morning. I have enjoyed seeing you during our class meets. For those of you who have not joined us please do so. I think you will like it. We will continue with our surprise guest so please join and see who else shows up as our honored guest. Oh, BTW, tomorrow is cracy hat day for our classmeet, so pull out the craziest hat you have and wear it during our meeting. 



    For math this week you are to complete Lesson 67. For A-M read over and study the top of page 343 for instructions. If these instruction are still not clear for you you might use google to help you. For example; The fraction form of A is 7/10 you can ask google for the deciamal form of 7/10 and it will give you 0.7. So there is your answer to A. Remember as you work through this lesson there will be some problems that you can't do without the text book. You are not responsible for doing these. 



    Read and complete Pizza, page 39. Read the directions over carefully in order to determine which answers are in the proper order.



    Complete Chapter 4 Lesson 4 review on page 102.



    Complete Section 4 review on page 435. Also complete chapter 19 review on page 438. Do Identifying facts and Multiple choice.


    As we finish up these last two weeks remember you are just three feet from gold. Listen carefully to this story.