Monday May 4, 2020

  • Surma Math Block 1-Go to her Barker teacher page and Google classroom for directions and links.

    Lesson focus: Tree Diagrams and the Fundamental Counting Principle

    • continuing with Probability
    • tree diagrams display all the possible outcomes of an event
    • fundamental counting principle is used when there are too many possible outcomes

    Warmup quiz on quizizz for a grade and attendance (This one is a fun silly one)

    Watch her instructional video introducing tree diagrams and the fundamental counting principle

    • Then watch the Khan Academy video on tree diagrams and the other youtube video on the fundamental counting principle




    Ramsey/Collins Reading Block 2-Go to their Barker teacher pages and their Google Classroom pages for directions and links/forms.


    Lesson focus: Comparing Media and Evaluating Artistic Choices

    Watch the instructional video on Youtube 

    Confirm on google form

    Complete any missing assignments and email Mr. Ramsey what assignment(s) you have finished and ask him to go back and grade them.




    Lesson focus: Write an introduction, choose language and content specific vocabulary, write a conclusion

    Watch her intro video

    Submit Google form for attendance

    Read for 20 minutes



    Gushrowski Math Block 3-go to her Barker teacher page for directions

    Lesson focus: Multi-step Equations and Inequalities

    • You will need your notebook to take notes (I also will post my notes on here and on my Google Classroom page)

    Watch her instructional video and take notes

    Warmup quiz on quizizz


    Gushrowski Notes for 5-4-20 Gushrowski Notes continued

    "Moore" Resources on Google Classroom


    Email your teachers with any questions or you can email me at dmoore@mcas.k12.in.us

    *I can not help you if you did not take your textbook home for science. Email that teacher directly. I only support the Math and Reading teachers. I do not have access to the science textbook.