ELearning for 4/27-4/29



    PLEASE remember that in order to receive credit for the week you must complete a Google Form that will be posted on Wednesday in Google Classroom.

    • Reading

    We can identify and determine meaning of figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification)as used in poetry and writing.

    You will need your Ready book each day to do your work. Even if you do not have a Ready text, all pages will be posted on Google Classroom.

    Each day you need to go into Google Classroom and check your lessons and assignments. Each Wednesday you will have an assignment to turn in on a Google Form. This assignment will be a Reading grade.

    EXTRA CREDIT- I found a website that has some good articles, stories and poems. If I am able to post it on Google Classroom, I will. There will be questions to do for the assignment. 

    If you still haven't worked on your path at all in the past month, you need to do a lesson this week. I will be checking these as well. If you worked on your path weekly as assigned, do not worry about this.

    • Writing

    I posted a Writing assignment this week from No Red Ink on Google Classroom. It will be a writing grade for this week. It is due Friday.