Tuesday 4-28-20

  • Surma Math Block 1-Go to her Barker teacher page and google classroom for directions.

    You will have a worksheet of 12 Probability Problems. It will be worth 24 points with one point given for each correct answer and one point given for showing your work for each problem. Here is the link to her Google Classroom page-



    Ramsey/Collins Reading Block 2-Go to their Barker teacher page and google classroom for directions.

    Ramsey: Instructions are posted on his Google Classroom page. You'll be doing a brief research question and answering on a goggle form for your particular class period. Here is the link-


    Collins:Instructions for the assignment are posted on her google classroom page. You will rewatch the Jason Reynolds' video from Monday, if needed, then write a letter using best grammar, punctuation, word usage, and content. Here is her link-



    Gushrowski Math Block 3-Go to her Barker teacher page for directions.

    You will continue practicing the review skills from yesterday's instructional video on quizizz. You make take the practice quiz as many times as you wish to improve your score. Use your notes from yesterday and review her instructional video, if needed. I posted the notes yesterday both on my Barker teacher page and on my Google Classroom page.

    • identify like terms
    • recognize examples and non-examples of like terms
    • use the distributive property 
    • simplify expressions by adding or subtracting like terms
    • identify constants
    • identify coefficients

    Moore Google Classroom

    Here is the link to my Google Classroom-

    "Moore" Resources https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/NTMzOTA3NTMwNDha

    As always, if you have questions email the teachers or you can email me at dmoore@mcas.k12.in.us