E-Learning 4/27/2020

  • Hello Class,

    I hope all of you are well and healthy today. 

    With only three weeks left of this school year I want to encourage you contunue to work hard in completing your work and turning it in on time. For those of you who are a little behind with your work use this week to get your self caught up. I'll be sending out individual emails listing your missing assignments. We can also have a video chat for those who need to. As always please don't hesitate to email me with any concerns that you have or we can video chat. I will be available to you through out the day everyday.


    Complete Lesson 66. As I've stated before, there are some problems that you do not have to do because you do not have your text book. You may use a calculator. google, parents or siblings to help you in completing your work. Do the best that you can.


    Read and complete the questions for Lemon Sponge page 38. 


    Read Lesson 3 from Chapter 4, The Solar System. Complete Lesson 3 review on page 97.


    Read section 1 on page 422-423. Complete Section 1 Review on page 423.


    I want you to listen carefully to this story. It's titled, A Group of Frogs. I want you to think about how this story may effect you. Are you able to not listen to bad advise when you shouldn't? 

    Please join our class meet tomorrow at 10:45. You will be getting the invitation to join later today. 

    Please work hard today. Your work is to be turned in by Wednesday, but I do appreciate it when you can turn it in earlier. Do your best and don't give up as we get closer and closer to ending this school year.