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E-Learning Day

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    E-Learning Day April 29, 2020

    Good Morning! Today is our last virtual learning day this week, and is a work day. You have no instruction videos today. 


    Google Meet at 9:30- Link will be posted 5 minutes before our Meet time. See you at 9:30!

    What’s it going to be Wednesday!? 


    Here is a list of today’s work. Please complete each assignment posted in Google Classroom. “I can” statements for each assignment are listed below.


    ELA- Reading and Writing


    • I can... Analyze the meanings of proverbs, adages, and idioms in context.. (5.RV.3.3)

    Today’s ELA Work Checklist (60 minutes to complete)


    1. I-Ready TEACHER ASSIGNED Pathway Lesson: Today you will have a teacher assigned lesson: Understanding Figurative Language. This lesson is a review of last week’s instruction. You will learn more about similes and metaphors in literature. Login to I-Ready and complete the teacher assigned lesson. Send Mrs. McMeans your score. You can send your score on Goguardian, Class Dojo, or in an e-mail. (30 mins)


    1. In Google Classroom, select the assignment called Review Task Cards: Similes and Metaphors. This is a Google Form Quiz. Each task card has a simile or a metaphor. Using the information from today’s I-Ready pathway lesson and last week’s instruction videos, you will read each simile or metaphor and choose the correct meaning for each. There are 15 task cards. (15 mins)


    1. In Google Classroom, click on the assignment called Read aloud: Out of my mind chapters 32 and 33. (20 min)


    1. In google Classroom, click on the assignment called Google Form: Out of My Mind chapter 32 and 33 response. (10 min)

    Today’s Math Work Checklist (30 minutes to complete)

    I can… Find the volume of a right rectangular prism with whole-number side lengths by packing it with unit cubes, and show that the volume is the same as would be found by multiplying the edge lengths or multiplying the height by the area of the base. (5.M.4)


    1. In Google Classroom click on the assignment called Google Form: PPS 285-286. Complete the Google Form and submit. (10 min)




    If you have not done your work for specials this week, please remember to do so! The links are on the directions for the first two days of this week.