e-Learning Day
  •  Physical Education   E-Learning  April 27 - 29

     Hello to All  click the link 


    I CAN:  complete the fitness chart.

    This week I would like you to mix it up.  Looking at the fitness chart I provided  - there are  various exercises/activities.

    You will notice each activity has points.  How many points can you earn?

    Take a look at ALL of your choices.  Please remember if you choose to go outside for an activity ask permission first.

    You will need to have a pencil and paper to write down what you completed and the points you earned. 

    I would like you to complete at least 15 minutes.  You do not have to do this all at once. As always you may workout longer.

    How many points can you earn in 15 minutes? 

    After you complete the assignment click the link to receive credit for today.



    Fitness Chart