Barker Chorus E Learning April 20, 2020 and beyond....

Barker Chorus E Learning, CATCH UP HERE!!

  • May 11-13  THIS IS THE LAST WEEK!  Let's get caught up!!!  CONTACT ME if you need help!!!!!

    By now, you should be working every week with the following resources:

    1) a library of audio recordings (Materials in Classroom)

                    rhythm tracks (use with rhythm packet)

                    warm-up tracks (use with slides from videos in March)

                    song recordings (use with your folder music)

                    class videos with instructions, practice sessions, and power point slides 

    2) Sight Reading Factory (a tool for creating and submitting sight singing samples)

              your student code:   kcarfc

                                   THIS HAS MOST OF OUR REQUIRED SINGING WORK!!!!

    3) Google Forms   there are 2 forms that I have sent through Classroom, here are the links if you have not completed them:

                           Chorus Basics Quiz - Use with week of April 13

                           Sisi Video Review - Week of March 23


    3 "QUIZZIZZ"  - Here are the 4 assignment links...please get these done!!!  Check the video with the same date (from classroom) if you need instructions.


    Link to Assignment (April 21)  Notes on the Staff Quiz

    Link to Assignment (April 27) Choir Rhythm and Solfege Quiz

    Link to Assignment (May 4)DYNAMICS Assignment

    Link to Solfege Assignment (May 11)Solfege Hand Signs and Listening