E-Learning 4/20

  • Hello Class. All of today's assignments are due on Wednesday of this week. Before giving out the assignments I want you to know that I appreciate the work you have done and the effort you have put into completing and turning in your assignments. For those of you who are behind on your assignments I encourage you to finish them and turn them in. I'll be emailing some of you individually to help you with this. As I stated last week, the last day of school will be May 13. For those who do not have all of your assignments in by then you will have the following week to turn them in. Now, wouldn't it be nice to have all of your work in by May 13?

    Remember in completing and turning in your work all I ask is that you do your best. 



    For math this week you are to complete Lesson 65. You will see that there are some problems that you cannot do without the math text book. You are not responsble for these. 



    Complete page 22, Food Labels



    Read pages 86-90. Study and observe the pictures and diagrams. Complete Chapter 4, Lesson 2 review. This is on page 91.



    Complete the map skills page for south East Asia on page 421.


    Please email me with any concerns you have as you work through this.

    Don't forget our class meet is on Tuesday, April 21 at 10:45. We have a few more students to join us this week who have not joined yet. There will also be a special guest who you all know, joining us as well.