Virtual Learning Wednesday April 22, 2020

  • Virtual Learning Wednesday April 22, 2020

    happy earth day!

    Good Morning and happy Earth Day! Today is an awesome day to do something special for our planet! Mr. McMeans and I are going to go pick up some trash today over by our house. When we went on a  walk the other night, I was looking at the side of the street and realized just how incredibly littered it was. It made me sad, so I thought that to celebrate Earth Day (a day we don’t celebrate a lot) we would do something special! I will let you know how it goes! What could you do today to give our planet some love?

    Google Meet at 11:30- Link will be posted 5 minutes before our Meet time. We are going to try doing our meet a little later today! See you at 11:30 AM

    What’s it going to be Wednesday!? 

    Here is a list of today’s work. Please complete each assignment posted in Google Classroom. “I can” statements for each assignment are listed below.

    ELA- Reading and Writing

    • I can... Identify relationships among words, including multiple meanings, synonyms and antonyms, homographs, metaphors, similes, and analogies. (5.RV.2)

    Today’s ELA Work Checklist (60 minutes to complete)

    1. In Google Classroom, select the assignment called Figurative Language Google Slides Presentation. Today, you will use what you have learned and practiced this week about the types of figurative language. For your Google Slides presentation you must have:

           *4 Slides (the first slide is ONLY AN EXAMPLE SLIDE)

    Each Slide must have:

    1. The type of figurative language you chose
    2. The definition of the type of figurative language
    3. An example of the type of figurative language
    4. The meaning of your example

    You can also add images that relate to your example, backgrounds, or change fonts and colors as long as you have ALL FOUR things listed above on each of your 4 slides.

    Here are the types of figurative language you can choose from. You MAY NOT choose Simile as I did that one as an example.








    If you need to go back and watch the instruction video for this week, it is listed under Virtual Learning Monday April 20, 2020 here in Google Classroom. (40 min)

    1. If you did not finish your comic strip from yesterday, be sure to work on that today as well. Both your powerpoint and your comic strip are due by this Friday if you do not get them done today.
    2. In Google Classroom, click on the assignment called Read Aloud: Hoot Chapter 20 Part 2. Listen to the chapter being read aloud. (10 mins)
    3. In Google Classroom, click on the assignment called Google Form: Hoot Chapter 20 Part 2. Complete and submit the Google Form. (10 mins)

    Today’s Math Work Checklist (30 minutes to complete)

    I can…  Find volumes of solid figures composed of two non-overlapping right rectangular prisms by adding the volumes of the non-overlapping parts, applying this technique to solve real-world problems and other mathematical problems.. (5.M.6)

    1. In Google Classroom click on the assignment called Google Form: PPS 301-302. (30 min)


    If you have not done your work for specials this week, please remember to do so! The links are on the directions for the first two days of this week.