Virtual Learning Tuesday April 21, 2020

  • Virtual Learning Tuesday April 21, 2020 

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    Good morning class! I am so happy you are here! Today is an instruction/work day. You will have some videos but also some work to complete. 

    There will be no Google Meet today. 

    Here is a list of today’s work. Please complete each assignment posted in Google Classroom. “I can” statements for each assignment are listed below.

    ELA- Reading and Writing

    • I can... Identify relationships among words, including multiple meanings, synonyms and antonyms, homographs, metaphors, similes, and analogies. (5.RV.2)

    Today’s ELA Work Checklist (60 minutes to complete)

    1. In Google Classroom, select the assignment called Instruction Video: Creating a Figurative Language Comic Strip: In this video, Miss. Krueger will walk you through how to create a really awesome comic strip to go along with the figurative language we learned all about yesterday! Please watch the video prior to working on your own! (22 min)
    2. After watching the video, you will go to as it says in the video, you will have to create an account once you are on the website. Miss Krueger walks you through how to do this. Once you have created your account, you will make a comic strip! This is not due today! Work on it a bit. It will be due by the end of the day Wednesday. (20 min)
    3. In Google Classroom, click on the assignment called Hoot Chapter 20. Listen to the chapter being read aloud. (10 mins)
    4. In Google Classroom, click on the assignment called Google Form: Hoot Chapter 20.. Complete and submit the Google Form. (10 mins)

    Today’s Math Work Checklist (30 minutes to complete)

    I can… Find volumes of solid figures composed of two non-overlapping right rectangular prisms by adding the volumes of the non-overlapping parts, applying this technique to solve real-world problems and other mathematical problems.. (5.M.6)

    1. Math Pathways: Today you will have a teacher assigned lesson: Practice Volume of Composite figures. Please complete the lesson and let me know what you scored on it! (20 min)
    2. In Google Classroom click on the assignment called Google Form: PPS 299-300. (10 mins) 



    For Art this week be sure to click HERE