• Here is a snapshot of everything you'll be doing this week. I am assigning all of it at once so you can work on these things at your own pace. This will be the plan going forward. These assignments average out to be about 30 minutes of work per day. If you're struggling with anything please ask. Here's the schedule breakdown each week.

    Monday - Instructional videos posted. Weekly assignments posted.
    Tuesday - Geometry Google Meet (optional) 11:00 am
    Algebra 2 Google Meet (optional) 9:15 am
    Wednesday - Work Day
    Quiz Day - Every other week. 5 questions.

    Since this is the new game plan, TODAY I'll need until about NOON to finish all of them. Otherwise, you should be able to count on 9am for the following Mondays.

    ***Here's a list of links to all videos including the Geometry Live Meet***

    (There is no Algebra 2 live meet due to non-attendance)

    Lesson Plans 4/13-4/15

    COVID Day 16 - Circles on Graphs and their Features


    COVID Day 17 - Equations of Circles

    COVID Day 18 - Writing Equations of Circles

    Geometry Meet about Circle Graphs and Equations