Wednesday 4-15-20

  • Surma Math Block 1-go to her Barker teacher page for directions

    *Finish Monday and Tuesday's assigned work

    Complete Warmup Quiz-code on her page

    Warmup Review:

    • slope equation y=mx + b (m represents the slope and b represents the y-intercept)
    • pythagorean theorem (longest side is the hypotenuse) a2 +b2 =c2
    • identify rational numbers (includes perfect square roots, decimal that terminates, repeating decimals, any # that can be written as a fraction, whole #'s)
    • functions (remember the x value must have only 1 y value)
    • solving equations 
    • numbers having a zero exponent

    Ramsey/Collins Reading Block 2-go to their Barker teacher pages for directions


    • Google Meet block 2 at 12 noon
    • Sign in on Google Form to show that you read his directions on his page


    • Finish work from Monday and Tuesday

    Gushrowski Math Block 3-go to her Barker teacher page

    • Complete all work from Monday and Tuesday

    "Moore" Resources Google Classroom link: