E-Learning 4/13/2020

  • Good morning class. Hope you have all had a nice Spring Break. As we start back into E-Learning we will only have class work and assignments on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. On Monday I will give you our assignments which will be due on Wednesday. Tusedays at 10:45 will be our classmeets. Wednesdays will be time to help you individually to complete and turn in work. For those of you who are behind in turning in work, I will email you your missing assignemnts.



    Complete Lesson 64, Pages 331-334. For the first part of this lesson is using money to understand decimals. On page 331 it will be helpful to refer to the chart at the top of the page as you work through A through G. As you continue with the Mixed Practices on Lesson 64 you will see that there are some problems that do not give enough information with out the text book. You are not responsble for completing these. Remember that you may use a calculator, google and any other reference that you may have to complete the assignment. As always do the best that you can. 



    We are continuing to look at and read labels. Today you are to read some food labels that you will find on canned or frozen foods. Complete page 19 which shows the label for a can of mixed vegetables.  The answers to the 10 questions can all be found on the given label. This need to be turned in by wednesday, 4/15.



    This week we will be starting Chapter 4, The Solar System. Read pages 77-82 and complete Lesson 1 Review which is on page 83. When reading be sure to look at and study the pictures and charts where you will find some of your answers. 



    Before Spring Break we just finished Chapter 18, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. This week you are to do the chapter review on pages 418-419. Complete Identifying facts and Multiple choice. This will be due on Wednesday, but do not delay untill then to get this done. 


    Today's reading, Don't Say Something You Regret Out of Anger. 


    Email me with any questions or concerns you have. Remember tomorrow (4/14) at 10:45 is our classmeet. I told you before Spring Break that we may have a surprise guest so make sure that you join the class on time. 

    Work hard and enjoy your day.