ELEARNING 4/13-4/15

  • WELCOME BACK! Just a reminder that ELearning will now be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be no ELearning on Thursdays or Fridays. 

    I am setting up a Google Meet this week on Tuesday to help with assignmnets. This meet will open at 11am. If you need help with your assignments please check in. 

    Click the link: 
    Or Call: 
    ‪+1 636-373-8708‬
     PIN: ‪877 463 499#‬
    3rd Grade: 
    This week you will be classifying quadrilaterals. Use this Khan Course for videos and practice. 
    This week you will be identifying adjective. An adjective is a word that describes a noun. 
    4th Grade: 

    This week we will be reviewing rounding whole numbers. 

    Video and Practice: Rounding to the nearest 10 and 100

    Video and Practice: Rounding Whole Numbers

    This week we will be reviewing parts of speech. 

    Video and Practice: Pronouns  (Complete: What is a pronoun? Possessive Pronouns. Relative Pronouns. Quiz) STOP


    Continue to work on your iReady. Don't forget about the tools you have available on your Chromebooks (Snap&Read, Co:Writer and your Google mic). Also use the attached charts to help you be successful on your class assignments. Remember: This is not extra work. These videos are help to help if you need it. All the videos/practice are from Khan. All of you are familiar with that!

    Hundreds Chart   Multiplication Chart