• If you complete these assignments and have missing work, please make sure you use today to catch up.  No live Zoom meeting today.



      1.  Login to Seesaw, go to Reading.  Click on Disguise a Turkey.  Listen to the story and then follow the instructions to complete the activity.


      2.  Login to Seesaw, go to Writing: I am grateful for the people in my life. Watch the video and then complete the activity.


      3.  Login into Clever and go to Storyline Online.  Choose a book to listen to.


      4.  Login to Seesaw go to Math, Click on Activities, Math Review 11/16/2020.  Watch the interactive video.  Complete the slides.


      5.  Complete 20 minutes on your iReady Reading path and 20 minutes on your iReady Math path.


      If you have questions or concerns for Mrs. Hall, our school counselor, you may contact her at rhall@mcas.k12.in.u