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    Please note: What if you are having difficulty with a sibling's district issued Chromebook or your passwords on an e-Learning day?  The Technology help desk will be available to help at (219) 873-2000 ext 8359.

    For questions about homework or classwork, please contact Mrs. Rivera by email, srivera@mcas.k12.in.us, or post a message for Mrs. Rivera on our Google Classroom Stream.  For Math you may also email Mrs. Miles at jmiles@mcas.k12.in.us.  If you see Mrs. Miles, there are additional resources on her school web page, Mrs. Miles's E-learning.





     E-Learning - April 13th The Monday After Spring Break - Updates

    This week all assignments will be posted for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I will also post them in Google Classroom so make sure you check it out.  I will post directions for each day so you can view them. 

    Reading and Writing - Bud, Not Buddy 

    • I can identify how the plot unfolds and how the character responds to changes.  

    Steps for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lessons

    1.  Watch the video

    2.  You have 2 ways to read this book.  You can read the pdf attached or listen to the audiio book (link attached) 

    3.  Complete the Google Forms 

     Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    • On Wednesday, April 15th, we will have a Google Meet to discuss Chapters 1-3
    • The time will be determined today at our Google meet at 1030
    • Chapters 1,2 & 3 Google Form are due on April 15, 2020


    Lesson 24

    I can recognize that surfaces of some three dimensional faces(polygons)

    1.  Watch the lesson - Lesson 24 Intro

    2.  Complete pages 274-275

     Specials:   The Specials look different since we only have a 3 day week.  

    • Monday- Gym
    • Tuesday - Music
    • Wednesday - Art




    Instructions for Using Kami to Edit a Pdf

    • Find the assignment in Google Classroom.
    • Click on it.
    • Click the attachment for the assignment.
    • To the right, click the 3 dots.
    • Click, “Open in new window.”
    • In the middle, click, “Open with Annotate with Kami.”

    How to Turn in Your Assignment in Kami

    • Click the < (Share Document) on the top right.
    • Click, “Upload.”
    • Choose, “Copy” in the right hand corner. It will change to copied.
    • Go back to the Google Classroom and refresh your screen by clicking on the refresh button. Choose “Add” and Select “Link.”
    • It will ask for a link, press Ctrl V at the same time.
    • Click, “Add Link.”
    • Click, “Turn In”. A pop up appears and click “Turn In” again.