e-Learning Day

    WELCOME BACK .... click click  message from me to you

     I hope you are rested and ready for another round of ELearning


    Week of  April 13 - 15     With the new schedule you have the 3 days to complete the following Physial Education Activity.

    Please be sure to click the assignment link to record what you completed to receive credit for your hardwork.

    I CAN:  Choose 1 or 2 or 3 workouts...I gave you a few choices 

      CLICK the link  to receive credit for today.  You may continue to log your workouts as well.



     Go Noodle Yoga   Melting Yoga  

    Can't Stop This Feeling  Go Noodle Workout  

    Family Fitness HITT  Home Workout


     4th/5th/6th  Please see assignment link above/click to receive credit for today.

    Choose 1 or 2 or 3...but do at least one.  Click assignment above to receive credit.

    Roar Katie Perry  Dance Routine

    Plank World Record  Watch and Learn

    Can't Stop The Feeling  Dance Routine

    Workout with Joe