ELearning for 4/2/2020



    Check into Google Classroom AFTER you read through these assignments. 

    • Social Studies

    We can read about the Middle Ages. In your RED folder, Read Chapter 10 packet, "The Middle Ages" p.p. 67-71. I also want you to do p. 72, Chapter Checkup. I am going to put a Google Form for you to write your answers. This is due Friday and will be graded.

    PLEASE continue and finish up these assignments.

    • Reading 

    We can read a selection at our ability, identify factual statements and answer text questions.

    On Google Classroom, I will assign a Google Form with questions from the story below. I hope you read it, but if not, please do. You will be graded on the Google Form. This form is due by Friday, no later.

    In your Springboard Book, read p.p. 186-188, "High School Football: Would a Pop Warner BAN Limit Concussions?".  Underline or highlight any facts you see in the article. Remember, facts give specific evidence and can be proven. 

    • Writing/Grammar

    We can use the words "good" and "well" correctly. This assignment is due Thursday. It will be graded.

    Go to noredink.com and complete the assignment, "Good vs. Well". Don't forget to do the lesson before the practice.  I will post the link on Google Classroom.