e-Learning 4/13 - NATIONAL POETRY MONTH :)

  • For today's virtual class, watch the video and complete the exit ticket. Please read the instructions of each task carefully.

    Do NOT forget to submit the attendance form!!!


    -TASK 1: Watch instructional video

    Please click the link to watch the instructional video. We are still celebrating National Poetry Month so be prepared. I also included another chapter from our class novel, Tears of a Tiger! Be sure to fill out the comprehension sheet. If you no longer have the sheet, please find the electronic document on Google Classroom. 

    CLICK HERE ---> Instructional Video 4/13

    -TASK 2: Submit exit ticket


    CLICK HERE ---> Exit Ticket 4/13

    -TASK 3: SSR

    Please take 20 minutes to read a book, magazine, article of your choice. Feel free to snap a picture of what you are reading and give it a rating for extra credit! :)

    I can..

    -Analyze different types of poems 

    If there are any questions, please email me at ksummers03@mcas.k12.in.us.