Reading 4-2-20

  • Ramsey Reading Block 2-Go to his Barker teacher page for directions for today's lesson. Make sure you scroll down to ELA. Google Form for the questions will be found on his Google Classroom page.

    • Google Meet Video Chat at 11 AM.
    • Read the excerpt "Esperanza Rising" from the Ready textbook and answer questions. You will use the google form on Mr. Ramsey's google classroom to submit your answers.
    • Lesson story pages are also found on my google classroom, "Moore" Resources under the heading of Reading, if needed as a reference. https://classroom.google.com/c/NTMzOTA3NTMwNDha

    Collins Reading Block 2-Go to her Barker teacher page for lesson directions. Lesson material links will be found on her Google Classroom page.

    • Review, if needed, Tuesday's video/article, "Extreme Candy."
    • Watch Thursday's video, "Making Your Menu."
    • Create and submit a breakfast/lunch/dinner menu of candy using google slides, google making menus, or iMovie
    • Read silently for at least 20 minutes


    ***Reading IReady passed lesson due on Friday***