E-Learning 4/1/2020

  • Hello Class

    Hope you are all well and healthy as we continue our e-learning.

    I have to say it was nice seeing many of you on our first class meet. Our next meet will be on Friday. 

    Please do everything you can to get your work turned in by Friday as we will be on Spring Break the following week. 



    I want you to look back at the math assignments that you have not finished and turned in. Please complete these and turn them in. Those of you who have less than half of your assignments turned in, I will be emailing you individually with the assignemnts that are missing. There will be no new assignemts untill after Spring Break.

    When turning your work in write the lesson number at the top of your page.



    I want you write about how your life has changed over the past three weeks and how you are handling it. You can include both the good and the bad. What do you miss? What do you like about it? What is hard? What are some of your greatest concerns regarding this time? You might wirite about how this has changed you Spring Break plans.

    Please write this in a paragraph form and begin with a topic sentence such as; "My life has changed in many ways since the Coronavirus shutdown."



    We are going to finish this chapter of the earth and moon system. Complete the Chapter 3 Review on page 74. Only do the first 10 fill in the blank statements.

    Write Chapter 3 Review page 74 at the top of your paper.



    Complete the section 4 review on page 415. 

    Please put Section 4 review, page 415 at the top of your paper. 



    I know this style of school is a struggle for some of you. All I ask is that you do the best you can. Don't give up in completing and turning in your work. Even if you don't think it is correct turn it in anyway so I can help you with it. Think about this; Our struggles in life develop our strenghths.