Math 4-1-20

  • Surma Math Block 1-Go to her Barker teacher page for directions and the links.

    • You'll have a warmup quiz
    • Lesson will be from your Ready Practice and Problem Solving textbook 
    • Use the links she gives you for Khan Academy-Scatterplots and Line of Best Fit-to review for the assignment

    Gushrowski Math Block 3-Go to her Barker teacher page for directions.

    • You will be taking a quiz that reviews the lessons you've been working on. 
    • You can take the quiz 2x and your highest grade will be recorded as your quiz grade. Use any notes you have to help you.


     ***Remember to keep up with your daily class instructional videos and assignments. Email your math teacher for any questions you might have. You can email me as well at dmoore@mcas.k12.in.us


    ***"Moore" Resources on Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com/c/NTMzOTA3NTMwNDha