•  Always remember you can answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper or a Google Doc if you do not have the packet or cannot print it out.

    *** Send me a Google Hangout or chat on Go Guardian if you need help, or ask your parent to email me at ichildress01@mcas.k12.in.us.  ***


    ** 4th and 5th Grades you have Music & Gym please visit their pages- Chambers and Barron.

    ** 6th grade you have art, please visit Ms. Rich's page.

    Google Classroom

    Look closely at each subject if you have a different assignment than the rest of the class you should see your initials.



    G.D & J.J.

    "I can use multiplication and division to find factors and multiples."

     Please view the following Video, then complete the Google Form

    Rest of the Class

    "I can use the four operations to solve real-world problems involving time and money."

    Please view the following Video , then complete Google Form.


    Work to be turned in the Practice Worksheet. (20 min.)



    G.D. and J.J.

    ""I can describe how sentences and paragraphs in a text are connected by comparisons."

    Please view the following Video, then compete the Google Form.

     Rest of the class

     "I can combine information from two different texts on the same topic, in order to write about that topic"

    Please view the following Video, then complete the Google Form.

     Work to be turned in- Worksheet that corresponds with the video (25 min.)



    Whole Class

     Watch the Video, then complete the Google Form

    Work to be turned in: Response to questions on Google Doc(25  min.)




    Whole Class

    Watch the Video, then summarize the main idea about Potential and Kinetic energy in the video on this Google Form.

    Work to be turned in: Google Form answers(15 min.)



    Work to be turned in:Google Form(30 min.)