• Welcome to e-Learning!  (Wednesday, April 1, 2020)

    For e-Learning days, all directions for assignments will be posted on this page.

    Some but NOT ALL assignments will need to be completed in Google Classroom. 

    Make sure you're working on ALL E-Learning assignments. Thank you!


    I can...

    • identify relationships among words.
    • identify antonyms.
    • read multi-syllabic words with prefixes.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Get out your IREAD Test Prep Packet. This should be in your green e-Learning folder.

    2. Do the next two pages in your packet. (Antonym Analogies & Prefixes)

    3. Keep the packet in your green folder. I will collect the assignment when school resumes. 

    Work to be turned in: IREAD Test Prep Packet: Antonym Analogies & Prefixes (20 minutes)


    **Click the link to visit Mrs. Palmer's webpage for read alouds! Principal's Page


    I can...

    • use conventional spelling for common words. 
    • use spelling patterns when writing.

    Steps of the Lesson 

    1. Clink on the link and play games with this week's spelling words for 15 minutes! Spelling City: Talking Walls

    Work to be turned in: 


    I can...

    • separate shapes into parts with equal areas.
    • show that when shapes are broken into parts with equal areas, these are fractions of the whole.

    Steps of the Lesson:

    1. Get out your Ready Math textbook. 

    2. Click on the link and follow along to today's lesson. Lesson 33A Part 2

    3. Do p. 397-398 in your Practice & Problem Solving textbook. 

    4. Click on the link and watch the video Using Grouping to Multiply  (This video gives answers from yesterday's math assignment) 

    Work to be turned in: Math Homework p. 397-398 (30 mins)

    *Tear out the Practice and Problem Solving pages and keep them in the green e-Learning folder. I will collect when we return to school. 


    Click on the link to go on a virtual field trip to the Seattle Aquarium! Virtual Field Trip (30 minutes)



    We have PE and Music today! Click on the link below to access e-Learning for Mrs. Zborowski and Mrs. Gast. 





    *Click on the link if you receive Speech/Language services SPEECH

    *Click on the link if you receive services from Mrs. Richardson Richardson's Webpage