E-Learning Day 3/31/2020

  • Tuesday, March 31, 2020

    ***We will have another Google Meet tomorrow at 11:00 if you'd like to join! I will

    post the link tomorrow morning.  Be ready with your favorite (school appropriate) joke!


    I Can...

    I can use context clues and pictures to determine the meaning of unknown words.


    • Reread Crow Sings a Song -remember to look for repetition and alliteration. (Rewatch yesterday's videos if you need review.)
    • Complete the Crow google form.

    Work to turn in:

    Crow Google Form 

    Word Work/Writing


    I Can...

    I can use onomatopoeia in my writing.

    I can write a journal entry using voice.


    • Watch the video Writing Choice Board
    •  Choose at least one prompt to write about.
    •  Write a paragraph about that prompt.  Have fun!

     Use onomatopoeia, alliteration, and voice in your writing!

    •  This should be a copy of the writing prompts

      Writing Choice Board Screen    

    Work to turn in:

    You may write your journal entry on a google doc to turn in to your teacher or you may write on paper to be handed in later.



    I Can...

    Construct a line plot by recording lengths of objects.

    Analyze data shown on a line plot.


    • Watch how to build a line plot in the Hands On Activity.
    • In your Math Instruction book, turn to page 236 and watch the video.
    • Look at page 237 and watch the video.

    Work to turn in:

    Math Instruction Book pages 236-237.

    Math Practice and Problem Solving Book page 259.


    Today would be computers.  There is no assignment to do.