e- learning 9/30
  • Click here:     Google Classroom   This will take you to Mrs. Rivera's 6th Grade Google Classroom.  All assignments are posted under the content area (example:  Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, or Science) in Google Classroom.  See below for the assignments you will need to complete for today's e-Learning day.


    Please note: What if you are having difficulty with a sibling's district issued Chromebook or your passwords on an e-Learning day?  The Technology help desk will be available to help at (219) 873-2000 ext 8359.

    For questions about homework or classwork, please contact Mrs. Rivera by email, srivera@mcas.k12.in.us, or post a message for Mrs. Rivera on our Google Classroom Stream.  For Math you may also email Mrs. Miles at jmiles@mcas.k12.in.us.  If you see Mrs. Miles, there are additional resources on her school web page, Mrs. Miles's E-learning.






    CNN10 - March 31st - Watch the video news for today


    Reading, Math and Grammar https://classroom.google.com/c/NDI3NDY2NjQ5NjFa

    All content is located on Google Classroom. You must go through each day and check if you  have completed the assignments.  Please make sure you are working smarter and not harder.  

    • Today is a catch up day.  This will give you the chance to catch up with assignments that you have not completed over the past 2 weeks.  Things that you can work on are:
      • Tuck Everlasting Comprehension Google Forms
      • Tuck Everlasting AR Quiz (if you can access it)
      • Math lesson workbook pages
      • Pronoun quizzes
    • If you have Disney+ - Tuck Everlasting Movie is on there.  I liked it.  

    Google Meet at 11:00am to check in and to say Hi! https://meet.google.com/nfw-eozk-syi

     Specials:   Gym and Music




    Instructions for Using Kami to Edit a Pdf

    • Find the assignment in Google Classroom.
    • Click on it.
    • Click the attachment for the assignment.
    • To the right, click the 3 dots.
    • Click, “Open in new window.”
    • In the middle, click, “Open with Annotate with Kami.”

    How to Turn in Your Assignment in Kami

    • Click the < (Share Document) on the top right.
    • Click, “Upload.”
    • Choose, “Copy” in the right hand corner. It will change to copied.
    • Go back to the Google Classroom and refresh your screen by clicking on the refresh button. Choose “Add” and Select “Link.”
    • It will ask for a link, press Ctrl V at the same time.
    • Click, “Add Link.”
    • Click, “Turn In”. A pop up appears and click “Turn In” again.