E=Learning 3/30/2020

  • Hello Class

    We are begining our last week of school until Spring Break. I want you do do everything you can to complete all of your work this week. There are a few of you who are a little behind with your work. Please get this completed and turned in to me. Email me if you are having trouble with completing and turning in any of your work. I'm pleased that many of you took advantage of using Friday as catch up day. 

    You should all have received an email about our upcoming class meet. It will be on Tuesday at 10:45. On the email is the instructions for joining the classmeet. I hope to see you all there.



    For math today I want you to complete lesson 63 Supplemental Practice, pages 329-330. Look over the example at the top of page 329. Use a fraction calculator to complete this if you need to. This will be due on Tuesday. 



    We are continuing our reading of labels. Today we are reading food labels. Read and complete Activity 7 page 18. At the top of your page type or wrtie Activity 7 and answer the 6 fill in the blank sentences.



    In your Earth Science book read Lesson 4 on pages 70 and 71. Anser the 5 questions on page 72. Before you turn this in besure to type or write Lesson 4 Review at the top of your page.



    In World Geography you are to read pages 413 and 414. Answer the following questions;

                    What are the main South Asian indistries?

                     What environmantal problems exist? 

    Please write the questions down with your answer.


    Last I want to read to you THE ELEPHANT ROPE (Belief)

    This story is from The 10 Most Inspiring Short Stories I've Heard by Dan Western. Google it if you'd like to read it yourself.